About us

Background, Qualifications and Experience

ADYTA is a Portuguese company, spin-off from the University of Porto, where it was founded, in 2015, resulting from Research & Development projects in the area of Computer Science.

Our main office is at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, from where we maintain a close relationship with the academic environment, which allows us to be at the forefront of research and development in the areas in which we operate.


We have in innovation, not only our ambition, but mainly our path.


ADYTA has been working in two main areas: Cybersecurity Services and the development of Secure Communications solutions.

ADYTA‘s technical team is recognized for its ability in cryptographic and functional assessment of systems and platforms and in assessing compliance with the most demanding and diverse standards and requirements.

As a result, over the last few years ADYTA has been responsible for the technical component of the evaluation process of mobile devices of the global giant Samsung, which allowed it to obtain certification by the Portuguese National Security Office.

In addition to participating in this assessment, ADYTA was responsible for detecting a vulnerability that affected Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store globally.

ADYTA was also responsible for the technical audit of Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure solutions, within the scope of its certification by the Portuguese National Security Office.

This demanding process allowed ADYTA to be the technical entity to carry out, under the guidance of the Portuguese National Security Office, the first cloud certification carried out in Portugal, specifically the Azure platform.

ADYTA has also been developing relevant Research and Development activities, either leading its own projects or participating in projects with other national and international entities.

Innovation, the search for new and innovative solutions is one of our main focuses.