Cybersecurity Services

Face the Digital Transition with more preparation, more security and in compliance with the highest demands.

We offer Cybersecurity Services adapted to the needs of each client.


With a dedicated team, we provide all the support to obtain the best cybersecurity performances for our clients’ organizations.

Through our services, which range from cybersecurity consulting, to the comprehensive technical assessment of solutions and systems, we help each client to protect their assets more efficiently.

ADYTA performs a complete assessment of each customer’s security environment, looking for flaws and vulnerabilities that it subsequently helps to mitigate.

We develop solutions and ongoing support, as well as long-term strategic cybersecurity planning.

Penetration Tests and Ethical Hacking

Our team of experienced ethical hackers creates the most complex and sophisticated attack scenarios and tests the cybersecurity of each system to the limit. The goal is to recreate the most advanced techniques used by potential attackers, anticipating possible attacks. At the end of the work carried out by the ADYTA team, the client is […]

Network Intrusion Tests

A secure network is critical to your business. Our specialists examine the current state of your infrastructure to assess the resilience of your security controls, to identify all the ways an attacker might use to gain unauthorized access. Our reports detail the security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure that could potentially be exploited in an attack. Our pen […]

Mobile application penetration tests (iOS / Android).

The security of your apps can put your corporate information and systems at risk of compromise. We guarantee a complete security analysis of your custom application deployment. Our specialists will examine and assess all the key components of your app and supporting infrastructure. Our tests are focused on how your application components are implemented and […]

Full Spectrum Attack Simulation

Cybersecurity and its associated risks is one of the biggest threats to organizations worldwide. Traditionally cyber security has focused on applications and infrastructure. However, the vectors used by attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and varied. Attackers are no longer limiting themselves to just cyber assets but including physical and human assets. Therefore, organizations need to […]

Remote access penetration testing

Having extensive experience in remote access penetration testing, we can help you evaluate the security of all the components which comprise your flexible working environment, analyze your security architecture, configurations and implementations, test for vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate security policies to mitigate against an attack. We ensure organizations are equipped to manage the security risks that arise from flexible working. Issues such as […]

Mobile devices penetration testing

Mobile devices are attractive targets for malicious attackers. Having access to your corporate network via email, VPNs, and other remote access methods, a successful compromise can result in access to customer details, financial and other sensitive data. Our mobile security testing services have been specifically designed to identify configuration and deployment flaws associated with integrating mobile solutions into a corporate environment and provide […]

Cloud and virtualization penetration testing

The uptake of virtualization technologies both in public and private environments has increased concern over how to secure these systems against cyber attacks. Attackers continually probe these environments for weak security controls, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and yet there is the distinct possibility they do not have the same standards of cyber security hygiene as your internal systems. We […]

Compliance Evaluation

ADYTA has a team of recognized experts in assessing compliance with the most demanding standards and requirements in terms of cybersecurity and data protection. Thanks to the work developed within the scope of cryptographic and functional assessment of systems and platforms, as well as compliance with the most demanding requirements, we are able to assist […]

Forensic Analysis and Incident Response

Our specialists use the most appropriate methodologies to carry out forensic data analysis, advanced systems investigation, reverse engineering and other tests in order to determine the cause, origin and impact of each incident. We use industry best practices in preserving evidence. We also assist our clients in the development and implementation of Incident Response Plans, […]

Advanced Cybersecurity Training

ADYTA’s technical team is available to assist client teams to be aware of the latest security trends. By developing plans adapted to the needs of each client, we can provide advanced and adapted cybersecurity training. We support each client with information, knowledge sharing and awareness of cybersecurity, as well as the adoption of best practices […]