Penetration Test

In the penetration test, pentest, an information security audit is performed adopting the perspective and the method of a possible aggressor.

Through these tests, it is possible to make an objective assessment of potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors, allowing you to identify what can be achieved, stolen and / or damaged in a potential real attack.

The results obtained through a pentest are essential for the development of internal procedures in organizations, in order to prevent and / or mitigate potential weaknesses and / or vulnerabilities.

At the same time, the results of a pentest are also a source of information and self-knowledge for organizations, providing a more effective risk analysis, which will allow a more accurate assessment of the potential impact of an external attack and define measures to prevent it impact.

In addition, data collected during a pentest will enable you to create and / or improve security policies and / or information and data security solutions for organizations to enhance their protection.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking services are technical audit projects led by a highly qualified team with experience in infrastructure testing, web applications and mobile applications in a wide range of organizations around the world.

These services are performed in accordance with the business and / or risk management needs of the institutions involved, mapping vulnerabilities to business risks and including proposals for solution and / or mitigation.