Secure Communications

In a world where connections are increasingly important and essential, it is a priority to guarantee the security of all communications, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.


ADYTA has a relevant history in the protection of communications, with specialists capable of, not only detecting vulnerabilities and failures in communication systems, but also of developing solutions that protect communications, ensuring privacy in accordance with the most up-to-date security requirements.

ADYTA offers solutions for the protection of voice and text communication, as well as the protection of communications in an IoT (Internet of Things) environment.


We have developed a solution capable of protecting the security and privacy of your voice calls. ADYTA.Phone is a secure communication product developed by ADYTA and capable of ensuring protection and privacy for your voice communications.  It is distinguished from other solutions on the market by providing the customer with complete control of the communication […]

Secure Communications in IoT

The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings the need to guarantee the implementation of secure communications between the various systems that communicate with each other. ADYTA participates in a national consortium (City Catalyst) for the development of solutions to be implemented in smart cities, where it is responsible for the development of solutions […]