ADYTA will participate in a project to develop quantum communication networks for European Defense

July 9th, 2021

The DISCRETION proposal was submitted to the 2020 tender for the submission of proposals of the European Defense Industrial Development Program


The DISCRETION proposal, by the ADYTA consortium, was ranked first in the topic Cyber ​​situational awareness and defense capabilities, defense networks and technologies for secure communication and information sharing in the EDIDP 2020 call for proposals (EDIDP-CSAMN-2020).

The project will be developed over 42 months and has a total budget of €6,719,699.75 (six million, seven hundred and nineteen thousand, six hundred and ninety-nine thousand euros and seventy-five cents).

The work will be carried out by a team also made up of DEIMOS Engenharia, leader of the consortium, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico and Altice Labs (all Portuguese entities), Telefonica Investigación y Desarrollo SAU, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (both from Spain), Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (from Austria) and Nextworks (from Italy).

The DISCRETION project aims to integrate and combine software defined networking (SDN) and quantum key distribution technologies. Together with legacy optical networks, it will be possible to build a highly secure, scalable and resilient network control architecture for advanced tactical operations services. Compared to the traditional approach, where network configuration and management interfaces are typically proprietary and tied to a specific manufacturer, SDN represents a revolution that supports further network evolution, opening it up to potentially disruptive technologies such as distribution of quantum keys (QKD) and quantum technologies in general.

This technology will enhance the autonomy of European defense in secure communications and will allow the European armed forces to also use the Radio Frequency Spectrum for military activities.

Carlos Carvalho, CEO of Adyta, says that “this is a decisive project for the company, especially since quantum technologies will be decisive in the future of secure communications and this area – secure communications – is one of our main focuses. Adyta is proud to be involved in this project, in a consortium made up of such relevant entities, both national and international.”.


The European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) is an EU industrial program that supports the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the European Union’s defense industry.

The EDIDP, with a financial envelope of 500 million euros for 2019-2020, was the first ever EU support program aimed at developing capabilities and co-financing the joint development of defense products and technologies (new and modernised). existing ones). EDIDP was one of the two precursor programs of the European Defense Fund.

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